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Hot Poker - a red hot poker is inserted up the executee's anus until s/he dies of haemorraghing or pain. King Edward II was supposedly executed this way in 1327. Some historians claim he was executed this way because he was homosexual. Hung, Drawn and Quartered - the executee is hanged first, but only to cause extreme unpleasantness by suffocation. Medieval bad? - Its widely known in the popular modern culture that in Medieval times torture was a common thing and people didnt view it as disgracefoul as we do nowadays. Was this the historical case? ... and then shoved a red hot poker where the sun don't shine...of course, agonising as this might be, you'd have to shove it all the way up to the diaphragm ... Red Hot Poker Deaths - Medieval torture hot poker. Burning Tortures Lords and Ladies. Medieval torture hot poker. 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices of. T be called torture if it didn. Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments. To be the most painful form of medieval torture. Whats the worst torture possible. Posts about Medieval torture written by Lions and. Torturing Poker Wow -

A Blast From The Past ... popularly thought to have been done in by means of a red-hot poker forced into his rectum, not to mention the fortunate if malodorous escape ...

Muslim woman calls for torture worse than crucifixion Threat of 'Khazouk' historically used to terrify people ... “At times they used the hot poker, a red hot metal rod that is inserted through ... Medieval Torture Porn Videos |

The Middle Ages were the golden age of torture techniques and devices that inflicted horrible pain. Meet 10 of the most horrible medieval torture techniques, presented by our guest author David Morton.

Bring Out the GIMP - Stories - A Medieval TALE OF PAIN AND Cristina was a beautiful blonde-haired young woman who was perhaps five feet, six inches tall. She had beautiful full breasts whose curves drew the attention of every young man in the village.

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A fire was quickly lit underneath and he was tortured in his own creation until ... They then used red hot pliers to pierce parts of Dózsa's body, cooking his flesh. .... A red-hot poker was then inserted into the horn, burning his internal organs and ... Many historians dispute the validity of this medieval gossip and believe it to be ... What is the most painful torture method you've heard of? : AskReddit